• My name is Areej,

    I am a learner, a designer, a research.
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Learning Experience Design • Educational Technology Evaluation • Learning Games & Apps Design •

Research Skills

Collecting and Analyzing Quantitative & Qualitative Data • Evaluations • Marketing Research and Business Modeling • Social Media Strategy Development • Performance and Customer Behavior Analysis

Interaction Design

User Experience Research • Evaluation • Usability Testing • Prototyping • User Interface Design • Performance Analysis

Media Arts Production

Graphic Design • Data Visualization • Infographics • Videos • Media Reports • Photography • Graffiti • DIY •


Olives: Seeds of Collective Intelligence

What does Wikipedia have to do with an olive? Do we have to write in academic jargon that is difficult for young people to understand? Why do the world’s great scientists invest time in reaching out to people outside of academia? Why are we, as human beings, important to science

Random thoughts on citizen science

Engaging the public with science creates more opportunities for people to learn and collaborate with scientists, as well as, it increases the opportunities for scientists to get more data from the public. In these chapters the author discusses the challenges that both scientists and academics have in engaging with the

هل يمكنك أن تخطو خطو مارك زوكيربيرج وأن تترك مقاعد الدراسة؟

  هناك قاعدة جميلة يزين بها الملتقي التربوي الفلسطيني صفحته: “التعلم لا يحدث داخل غرف الصف وقاعات التدريب المغلقة”. ليست الدراسة الأكاديمية شرطا للنجاح، كما أن المؤسسات التعليمية من مدارس، جامعات وكليات ليست الأماكن المثالية للتعلم. ولكن ومع ذلك، الحالة السائدة في عالمنا هذا حتى اليوم، وبالرغم من توفر التكنولوجيا