• My name is Areej,

    I am a learner, a designer, a researcher.
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PhD student in Learning, Literacies and Technologies at ASU

Research Assistant at Center for Science and the Imagination

Blogger and Digital Media Producer


Olives: Seeds of Collective Intelligence

What does Wikipedia have to do with an olive? Do we have to write in academic jargon that is difficult for young people to understand? Why do the world’s great scientists invest time in reaching out to people outside of academia? Why are we, as human beings, important to science

Connected Genes: design-in-progress

In this GIF design I wanted to express that genes in our bodies are connected, and an alter in one gene may affect other genes. The whole case I wanted to reflect in this project is about Post-Trauma-Stress-Disorder (PTSD), specifically the genetics changes that happens to PTSD patients, which happen

Random thoughts on citizen science

Engaging the public with science creates more opportunities for people to learn and collaborate with scientists, as well as, it increases the opportunities for scientists to get more data from the public. In these chapters the author discusses the challenges that both scientists and academics have in engaging with the