Connected Genes: design-in-progress

Connected Genes: design-in-progress

In this GIF design I wanted to express that genes in our bodies are connected, and an alter in one gene may affect other genes. The whole case I wanted to reflect in this project is about Post-Trauma-Stress-Disorder (PTSD), specifically the genetics changes that happens to PTSD patients, which happen due to changes in the RNA and DNA of the patients; these genetics are related to weakness of immune system. The main goal of my design is to visualize scientific data and make it easier for public to engage with such data. And to engage them with an ethical question about the responsibility of the government to fund research on epigenetically treatment of PTSD.



Dysregulated immune system networks in war veterans with PTSD is an outcome of altered miRNA expression and DNA methylation

Co-Morbidity of PTSD and Immune System Dysfunction: Opportunities for Treatment


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