Areej Mawasi is a  Ph.D. student studying Learning, Literacies and Technologies in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. She is originally a Palestinian from Haifa district and graduated from the Orthodox Arab College in the city. In 2015, Areej moved to Arizona for her master’s studies as a Fulbright Scholar in Educational Technology . As a student, Areej is a research assistant at Center for Science and the Imagination, a fellow of the Interdisciplinary Enrichment Fellowship, and a fellow of the Spirit of Public Service. Areej’s interdisciplinary research interests include: learning sciences, educational technology, STEM, civic engagement, media, and innovation.

Areej earned her bachelor’s degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Business and Education combining between both social sciences and humanities studies. As a student at HUJI, she was also a scholar at the Transitional Justice Fellowship of Minerva Center for Human Rights. She has been an active member of national and international organizations that focus on technology innovation, digital literacy, and digital rights (e.g. Transparency International, Soliya.net, Global Entrepreneurship Summer School).

Prior to enrolling in ASU, Areej worked in informal education and in the Gifted Education program where she was an instructor for interdisciplinary studies in technology entrepreneurship, visual communication, and conflict resolution. Since 2008, Areej has been involved in several educational projects at the Arab Traditional Village, an eco-educational farm for sustainability and environmental education, her responsibilities included: instructional design, visitors experience design, marketing, strategic planning, and business modeling and innovation.

Areej is an amateur graphic designer, photographer, and a blogger. Her writings and work have been featured in several online magazines and other media (e.g. Al-​Jazeera, Noonpost, MOCATv). She writes about topics related to civic engagement, education, digital media, digital rights, and technology.