Ethics, Politics and Science

Ethics, Politics and Science

Skills: Sci-Fi, Graphic Design, Animation, Storytelling, DIYBio

The debate on using animals in experiment has political, social and scientific aspects.

Different examples from academia, industry and militarily that show that animals being used for different types of experiments such as in: Biology, cognitive science, biotechnology, cosmetics production and more.

Throughout my project, I tried to create a narrative in which the animal in a lab is controlling human beings, to make the audience be in the shoes of these animals. This has two goals: (1) making public audience uncomfortable because of the drama that is created by such a design and through the animation (GIF) (2) make public audience think about different ethical aspects that are related to using animals for experiments. Both goals, are an introduction to the next part of the design which is directly presenting different uses of animals in experiment while provide two types of examples (1) showing that we need to use animals in some experiments (2) it is unethical to use animals in experiments. My goal in this project was to present that there are two sides of this debate, and both have logical reasons.

The question is, what does the audience think?