Visitors Experience & Makerspace Design

Visitors Experience & Makerspace Design

Working at the Arab Traditional Village (a.k.a Abu Jameel Ranch), one of my responsibilities was designing an interactive visitors experience and improving their engagement with the educational workshops we designed.

The Village was built in 2007, I joined the team in 2008, first as outdoor education instructor, but once I started studying education, I co-founded the environmental outdoor museum project of the Village.  I created DIY makerspace with the collaboration of our team, the makerspace is used for citizen science experiments, artifacts design, and art workshops. We host thousands of students from all over the country every season, to teach them about environmental and ecological issues through learning by doing in nature.


This visitors plan map, was designed for the sustainability festival in which we hosted about 10 elementary schools in our district and they went trough 15 workshops. ~4,000 students from 10 elementary schools in city of Baqa el-Gharbiyye participated in the two-days sustainability festival.

Design process: (1) Preliminary research and interviews with schools representatives and festival coordinator to ensure security and safety issues. This helped us to estimate the number of students who will be participating, and also design the workshops stations. (2) The first prototype, was designed based on the instructions we received from the municipality, schools representative and Chief Police Office. We also used our prior knowledge in the village to design 15 workshops that dealt with sustainability and environmental education (3) We presented the design to the municipality officers, including different scenarios. Our design was approved by officials from the municipality, including the Chief Police Officer of the city. (4) After approving the design, we started to install a basic prototype of the workshops and activities (5) visitors experience test. Based on their feedback, we had to make some changes regarding “drinkable water stations”, and “accessibility to restrooms”. (6) Based on visitors experience test, we installed the final workshops stations of the festival. (7) The festival was amazing. We felt proud of serving our community 🙂