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DIY Citizen Science Exploration of Olive Oil Trees at ASU

In one of my courses at ASU (DIY Citizen Science – Public Participation in Science ), one of the assignments was about designing an artifact about a scientific issue. It was October, OLIVES SEASON. So, I decided to work on a project that is related to olives.

I tried to compare between two types olives pickling through testing interaction of component in the water using different simple measures. I documented some of my experiment steps using my phone camera, and also I used DIY Smartphone Microscope that we built in the course, to take photos for the olive oil that I got from the olives drop by drop.

Just thought to share some of the photos from the experiment process, first, it was fun to find olives trees in Arizona, second, I was very disappointed that the olives never collected for oil pressing or pickling olives.

In this video I try to present the main steps in the project, it is an interactive design that visualizes the experiment scientific results to the public. The importance of this project is that it highlights the importance of using efficiently the olive trees in a sustainable way, something that does not often happen in Arizona.

A sample graphic design of this project was exhibited in the Art Media and Engineering Lounge in Spring 2017.